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Buffalo Airport Taxi Cab's Rate

Trips from Airport to Toronto-$230

Niagara Falls Canada-$70

Niagara Falls US-$65

Downtown Buffalo

NY to Airport-$35 

Buffalo Airport Taxi Cab


Transportation from Downtown to the Airport or vice versa,are cheap and timely. Never late, We show up on time always. Best cab business around. 

Buffalo Airport Taxi Cab

We are a fast and efficient taxi cab service.We will get you to where you need to go on time and as fast as possible.Low rates and all! We go to Niagara Falls, Canada,Syracuse, Rochester, NewYork City, Batavia, and anywhere else with reservation in advance. We take American express and Visa. We accept online reservations 1 hour ahead of time just click here to set up a Reservation. For any further information/details please call anytime at


Thank you.